Here at Innersurrection we are about self-empowerment. The society we currently reside in seems to thrive off of negativity. Everywhere you turn you get bombarded with lies and deceit about the world around us. Its hard to know where or who to turn to for guidance in these insane times. It is a draining existence to not have a voice of your own. Being told what to do, what to believe, and what to think and it is our thinking that has become self defeating. Our images of ourselves are false. It is time to take our power back and get a sense of who we really are and what we are capable of. With courage and a Positive Mental Attitude, (P.M.A.) we can begin to regain that power that was taken from us by society. Let us take a vow and make it a priority to better ourselves, our friends and family by not succumbing to the ill will of the world. The time is now all over the globe for the individual to RISE UP and realize their self worth. With determination and a positive mindset, many feats deemed to be impossible will surly be accomplished and brought to light. We ignite the flames of perseverance and give hope to those who have none. May you rise above everything that stands in your way. The revolution begins within.